Race Results

5th of March 2006 race meet

It was a cold and windy day that greeted the racers for the Kaikohe ITM Speedways 5th of March race meet. The club was a bit down on numbers due to the mishaps last weekend at club day champs.

George price brought his new project (15) along and Mum Debbie Beadle & Tony Taylor put it through its paces. New driver Melissa Timoti (37) did well for her first time out. Thanks to Keith Wilson for another great job on the water truck. Rhys Irving was on grid up while Mike Marshall & Stephen Hannon were on the flags. Ron Banner had the black Flag but had no need for it. Thanks guys.

First up were the C Grade men and there were five lined up for the race. It was a slippery track and Darryl Jay (34) hit a tyre, launched himself up onto a drum and came off with an injured radiator which put paid to his racing for the day. Cars weren’t made to fly Darryl. Four lined up and Colin Aukett (37) spun on cemetery bend while Andrew Jackson (66) connected with both cemetery bend and pit wall trying to get past Dave Cortesi (23). They gave Myles Greenwood (80) a straights handicap but that didn’t stop him from driving like the devil and taking the corners on three wheels to take the chequered flag. Some hardcore racing by Myles (80) – Well done.

Shirley Andresen (58) joined the four production Ladies for their race. Debbie Beadle (15) taking sons car out for a blat. She and Hine Thompson (49) kissed hard on cemetery bend and Shirley (58) and Wendy Scott (12) were also seen to be doing some kissing. There was some hard and fast racing for all of them.

There was some good racing by six Juniors. Harley Brown (73) got a good lead and Rhys Andresen (17) and Melissa Timoti (37) were door handle to door handle round cemetery bend. They were all rearing to go in the next race and Harley (73) did a nice 180 on town bend. Melissa (37) retired with a flat tyre and Jamie Browne (66) was out on the track again after some minor repairs after his co-drivers earlier race but was determined to add to the cars injuries. He sideswiped both the pit and back straight walls but that didn’t stop him putting pedal to the metal.

Max Andrensen (58) was back after his car was introduced to the pit wall and Anthony Dale (44) was also back after his car went home with a broken axle last meet. They must work hard down at A and D Automotive. They enjoyed some good racing.

The Production men had six contenders lined up on the grid. Bruce Mallindine (49) cars were noticeably quieter than last meet but that didn’t stop him going any slower. He was neck and neck with Boss Harris (555) until Boss went off sick when he threw a conrod through the side of the block – just too much torque ! Later on Tony Taylor (15) and Sefton Renata (99) had a tango at town bend which has Sefton retire with his front end at a funny angle. Some hard fast racing had Bruce (49) nudging town bend wall and after the yellow flag had been out spent the rest of the race chasing the pack. ( Car 49 is begging to show some battle wounds.) Max Andresen (58) joined the four black cars of Cheyne Nathan (32), Tony (15), Bruce (49) was going all out to get past Cheyne(32) which he did in the end but Cheyne did some good driving all the same. It was some fast exciting racing from all the drivers.

The prize giving thanks to the generous sponsors, A and D Automotive, Wilson Automotive, Waste Works, Henwood Builders and the Bank Bar was held after racing, Nice to see Jasper from the Bank Bar there as a spectator.

We would also like to thank all the helpers on the day and also the public who came along.
The next meet at the Kaikohe ITM Speedway is on Sunday 18th March and is the last round of the Northland Champs with cars from Dargaville, Whangarei and Taipa joining Kaikohe for an exciting days racing to see who will be the NORTHLAND CHAMP of each grade, so come along and see who is the best of the best.